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April 10, 2009

ServerTech Powerstrips With Per Outlet Sensing

Server Technology has released a new series of power strips with per outlet sensing capability. Unlike previous generations of power strips which only measure voltage and current at the input to the power strip, the new ServerTech POPS strips measure current, voltage, watts, volt amps, and power factor for each and every outlet. This product will allow IT managers to get a better handle on power consumption of loads within a rack without resorting to using multiple Watts Up Power Meters.

I hope this capability will encourage the decommissioning of older inefficient servers (can you say Intel Netburst?) and charge back of resources to product and application owners.

The power strips are currently available in several configurations including single phase, three phase, and a new three phase 415V unit. Pricing should be about 30% more than existing fully managed products but the visibility into power usage offers value that more than offsets the additional cost.

Posted by cary at April 10, 2009 10:55 AM