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March 17, 2008

Critical Facilities Roundtable Meeting 03/12/08

I attended the Critical Facilities Roundtable meeting on Wednesday, hosted at the Altera campus.

The first 20 minutes were for announcements and other meeting business:

Altera and PGE then discussed the cold aisle containment retrofit of the Altera datacenter in building 3. The datacenter consists of 8-10 rows of 6-8 cabinets with each hot aisle and cold aisle enclosed on one side by a wall. There were four pre-existing air handlers in the room, two DX CRACs and two water CRAHs.

They gathered the following data:

The data showed that:

Based on the gathered data Altera believed they could benefit from hot aisle containment. They acheived this by:

After the retrofit Altera was able to cut energy use by 44.9KW with an annual savings of 393MWHrs.

Some notes from the Q&A session:

Following the Altera presentation Validus DC gave a presentation on their high voltage DC distribution scheme. Since I've seen this presentation before I didn't take notes. They did mention they have a large datacenter getting ready to deploy multiple 2.5mw pods/modules/colos in their next datacenter. I can only assume this to be one of the big three search engine properties. While there certainly are benefits to Validus's 540V and 48V distribution strategy, I'd rather see 380V DC distribution all the way to each server instead of stepping down to 48V at the row or rack level. This would cut out another stage of conversion and associated losses.

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