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March 30, 2007

Don Martin era Moog modules

There don't seem to be any photos of the Don Martin era Moog modules so I posted some pictures at my site below. NO, THEY'RE NOT FOR SALE!


The construction is surprisingly good. Circuit board artwork and component layout is similar to RA Moog modules. Where Don really screwed up was the truly abysmal power supply with so much ripple that the oscillators would sync even when tuned to fifths or better. Unfortunately I didn't have these back in 2002 when Peake and Konkuro and I A/Bed original RA Moog with synth.com stuff.

Below is a list of modules Don Martin / Moog Music claimed to be manufacturing. I have not personally seen all of these modules so cannot speculate if all were manufactured. I have (1) 9501, (1) 9501A, (2) 9501B, (2) 9502, (1) 9503A, (1) 9504A, (1) 9505, (1) 9510, (2) 9511, (2) 9800R, and (1) blank panel. I think the original modules released were limited to those available for copying from Ohio University's system, which I should mention was never returned.

9501 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
9501A Oscillator Controller
9501B Oscillator
9502 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
9503 Random Noise Generator
9504A Voltage Controlled Lowpass Filter
9504B Voltage Controlled Highpass Filter
9504C Filter Coupler
9505 Reverberation Unit
9507 Fixed Filter Bank
9510 Power Supply
9511 Envelope Generator
9511A Dual Trigger Dealy
9512 Envelope Follower
9514 Extended Range Fixed Filter Bank
9521 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
9521A Oscillator Controller
9521B Oscillator
9560 Standard Interface
9591 Filter / Attenuator Panel
9594 Jack Multiples Panel
9595 Ring Modulator
9596 Sample & Hold
9598 Mixer
9599 4 Channel MIDI-CV Convertor
9800R Eight Unit Rack Mount System
9801P Cable Pack

Posted by cary at March 30, 2007 01:24 AM