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March 08, 2007

Blacet Miniwave and Serge fun

And just to prove that my Serge isn't sitting in the corner collecting dust:


Below is a description of the patch. It's using about 1/100th the
capability of the Serge.

A ramp wave is created by a Serge PCO and is DC mixed with the output of a quadrature oscillator. The resulting wave is amplitude modulated by the 90 degree output of the above quadrature oscillator and feeds the input of a Blacet Miniwave. The Miniwave's wave input is modulated by a dual universal slope generator. The audio output of the Miniwave goes into an audio mixer and then into the variable bandpass filter. The audio is taken from the lowpass output while the bandpass output feeds back into the audio mixer in front of the VCF2. The bandpass output is mirrored into a detector and comparator and triggers an extended ADSR which modulates the bandwidth of the filter. Another DUSG modulates the cutoff frequency of the filter.

Posted by cary at March 8, 2007 11:50 AM