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July 24, 2005


I picked up a Yamaha CP70 electric grand piano from Doug Terrebonne in east bay today. It was local and in pretty decent shape, so it was too hard to pass up. I've been craving a CP70 since realizing that my favorite piano sounds in the Roland MKS-20 were actually based on the CP70. Long before digital sampling, touring acts needed a stage piano that could be amplified as well as handle the abuse of touring. The CP70 with its soundboardless design, tolex case, and individual string pickups handled this with ease. After loading the CP70 into my Element I can assure you that the roadies did not move them with ease. You can hear the CP70 on tracks from the likes of Howard Jones, Stevie Wonder, Genesis, and practically every other band in the late '70s.

Posted by cary at July 24, 2005 08:27 PM