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July 12, 2004

A different three-oh

I've just upgraded Movable Type to 3.0. Why does their code always require so much tedious work just to get up and running?

Posted by cary at 01:55 AM

July 04, 2004

Working in WV

I spent this past week working from Elkins. I thought I'd end up with lots of time to visit folks but work regularly kept me occupied till 7pm each day. I got a few bike rides in and managed to bike over to Wes's house and pay him a visit. He moved back to Elkins from Morgantown a month or so ago. I was hoping to get some music time in with him but he has to get up super early for his job (stacking lumber - yay!) so that never happened. I also paid Matt and Danielle Taylor a visit. They now live a mile and a half from my parents which is really freaky. You never expect friends from college to move to your hometown, let alone a mile or two away.

Posted by cary at 11:08 AM