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October 09, 2003

Fall fun

Just back Tuesday night from a trip back east. Spent Thursday evening through Monday afternoon in WV. I spent a bit of time at the Forest Festival taking in the cross-cut saw and log stacking competitions. I missed the modified chain saw competitions. I bet most folks in California won't believe me without pictures to prove it, but the chainsaws have modified engines with 3' long tuned exhaust. The rest of my time was spent mostly at the Randolph County Community Arts Center helping out with the juried art show. Sunday my parents had a birthday party for
me. My dad got me an auto-dimming welding helmet which is way cool. Also got a very nice set of pepper and salt grinders and the deluxe Holy Grail DVD set.

Before I could leave for the airport on Monday I got a call from work asking me to head to Tampa so I obliged. The flight arrangements weren't as bad as I had feared and the trip was fairly productive. But I was way wiped out by the time I arrived back in CA around 1am Wed.

Posted by cary at October 9, 2003 11:33 AM