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September 24, 2003

Applecare bites

Finally received a G4 non-DVI LCD to repair a friend's tibook today. Apple's design for the hinges is lacking any structural integrity and repairability forethought so what should be a $200 hinge repair requires the whole screen to be swapped. I'm sure the poor engineering choices were due to the designers wanting a nice thin display. Too bad Apple decided to epoxy the whole LCD mess together so you can't repair it without damaging the casing and LCD panel.

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September 21, 2003

Tellme on CBS Sunday Morning

Only a few more hours until Tellme is on CBS Sunday Morning. Still haven't set the Tivo to record. Better hurry home lest I forget. I did some Tivo hacking last week so I should be able to extract the Tellme CBS episode and share it with friends via internet or video CD.

I hope to go home in two weeks. What a nice break from work that would be. Work is slowing down just enough for me to catch my breath, although I'm not sure that 8+ hours of work on a Saturday counts as slowing down.

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September 10, 2003

does it ever end?

Another long tiring day at work. I've finally exceeded a 1:1 meetings to real work ratio. I think my productivity for the next few months is doomed.

Chatting with my cousin via IM who is in far off lands doing fun things. Maybe I can go do fun things. Wonder if the spooks are hiring?

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September 01, 2003

24 hours of 24

24 hours of 24 on FX today. There goes my day. Yippee.

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Finally got a blog up and running

I'm way late to this blog game. I was finally incentivized into getting blog code running on my server for a friend's
website, so I figured I'd recycle the effort and do my own blog.

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